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Antipasti Platter Veg (APV)

Antipasti Platter Veg (APV)

Olives, stuffed dates, stuffed mushrooms, grilled vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, parmesan, lavaash, labneh

An assortment of different preparations in a range of vegetarian flavours, curated for sharing and grazing. On offer are:

 Baked mushroom caps: Handpicked mushroom caps stuffed with a palatable filling of diced mushroom stems cooked with minced onions, garlic, and fresh thyme, along with chunks of buttery walnuts. Topped with aged parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs, and baked till a light crisp.

Olives & Tomatoes: Burgundy kalamata olives and sun-dried plum tomatoes tossed together and marinated in our kitchen special rosemary & garlic infused olive oil for 7 days.

Filled dates: Luscious Iranian Kimia Gold dates stuffed with a dollop of goat cheese and chopped parsley; a burst of flavour with every mouthful! 

Asparagus: Crunchy, earthy asparagus stems lightly steamed and seasoned with flakes of sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and crumbled matured parmesan. 

Labneh & Lavaash: Creamy strained Greek yogurt infused with aromatic garlic oil and topped with our house special chilli oil to create the perfect combination of zesty & spicy. Served chilled with crunchy wafer-thin flatbread.

Vegetable Skewers: An assortment of the best of seasonal produce cooked lightly in aromatic garlic and then skewered and charred for a wonderfully smokey taste. 

Parmesan: chunks of aged parmesan cheese, broken fresh off the wheel

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