• Rocket Leaf & Burrata - LoveTriangle

Rocket & Burrata

A combination of all the best things! PS- our chef will be happy to add shrimp and make it non-veg!

A burst of fresh, layered flavour with every bite. Creamy textured burrata atop a bed of crisp arugula leaves and ripe cherry tomatoes, tossed with balsamic glaze. Drizzled with dollops of fresh basil pesto and extra virgin olive oil, and topped with pine nuts for extra crunch

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  • Misti Canza - LoveTriangle

Misti Canza

A classic green salad— the perfect start to a hearty meal!

Crisp mixed lettuce greens torn into bite sized pieces, and lightly sautéed veggies — tender zucchini, fresh asparagus, crunchy broccoli, and succulent cherry tomatoes — all brought together scrumptiously with whipped goat cheese and tangy sundried tomatoes. The cherry on top? A homemade sweet cherry dressing with an assortment of microgreens!

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  • Couscous - LoveTriangle


Ideal if you’re craving a refreshing yet fulfilling bite!

Soft couscous steamed perfectly in fragrant saffron water, tossed with a combination of bell peppers, asparagus, zucchini, and broccoli— all lightly cooked in olive oil to retain their natural flavour. Dressed in a zesty fresh herb & lime vinaigrette, and served with crisp almond slivers and juicy black raisins— a wholesome, palatable delight

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  • Barley Quinoa... - LoveTriangle

Barley Quinoa...

A combination of plant-based powerful nutrients, ancient grains, and superfoods; this one’s for the healthy and the wise

Soft barley and fluffy quinoa with a medley of lightly cooked greens & veggies (crunchy asparagus, tender zucchini, juicy bell peppers, and fresh broccoli). Tossed in homemade fresh basil pesto, drizzled with our house special 5-day-infused Garlic Oil, and topped with crisp micro-greens and fragrant basil leaves

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