About Us...

  • A gourmet dine-in experience but in the comfort of your home; sounds too good to be true? We used to think so too, until we decided to make it a reality. At My Love Triangle, we’ve laboured to the point of exhaustion and created to (near) perfection an innovative new way to get your pizzas to you, the minute they get out of the oven : by baking them in our pizza vans while we drive to reach you!

  • Featuring authentic airy, fluffy Neapolitan crusts, fresh gourmet ingredients, and the choicest toppings, we aim to deliver to you exactly what we’ve named ourselves : your favourite cheesy triangles oozing with flavour and bursting with love! MLT promises to be the seven-star experience you need and deserve, for those of you who love eating pizza but don’t want to step out to eat it

  • After having dealt with one too many cold, soggy, sometimes acrid & crumpled pies that came in the name of home delivered pizzas, our founder, who nurtures a great love for pizzas and a strong desire for enjoying them in the comfort of his home, found himself questioning and rethinking the entire pizza delivery process. If we baked our pizzaswhile delivering, rather than baking and then delivering, would they not taste as good as a pizza straight out of the oven, like in a gourmet dine-in restaurant? And thus the quest began

  • Fueled by months of hard work and personal savings, encouragement from close confidants, financial backing from rockstar friends, and lots of innovation and problem-solving, what began as one man’s quest soon snowballed into what we are today: a stellar team of co-founders, investors, chefs, technologists, marketers and managers, each adopting the idea as their own, giving it their best, going above and beyond the call of duty, making personal sacrifices, and in general working their magic to turn the idea into reality. And that, folks, is how we met the best home delivered pizza we’ve ever eaten!