You're doing a do/getting together a get together/putting together a partay!
Delighting guests is first priority, but enjoying yourself is a desire too!


Cooking at home is a ton of work/big hassle/impractical/impossible
Traditional caterers take up a ton of space/leave a ton of mess/take a ton of time to setup/demand minimum guarantees too
Ordering in means serving cold food/ton of effort on heating delivered food/plus ton of effort serving the food
What is one supposed to do?!


MLT serves your guests finger licking good gourmet food
And this is done in novel earthen gloo
Setup space is same as the size of a small sedan
Setup time is zero, so we're ready to serve soon as we reach you
There are no minimum order values
Pricing is a-la-carte too
There are no booking charges
No cancellation fees to worry you
No mess is left behind, there is nothing to cleanup, go straight to the after party!
We park, plugin, get serving and asking nothing of you!
Good food, service and novelty delights your guests
So an MLT party meand you enjoy yourselves too!!!!