Common questions about MLT Parties

  • We drive in on your special day.

    Everything is already setup within our mobile kitchen.

    We plug in.

    Within half an hour we begin serving gourmet Italian affair.

    Once everyone is satiated, we plug out leave and you don't even have to so much as broom your driveway!

  • We serve scrumptious salads, amazing appetisers, praise worthy pizzas and pastas, delicious deserts and beverages brimming with refreshment! Appetising right? Basically everything listed on this website.

  • Our pricing is a-la-cate so you only pay for what you order. We do this because we feel this is what we would offer our family and friends, because it is the most honest and economical option that there is.

  • No!

  • Zero!

  • 24 hours is what we need to be prepared. The only reason to book in advance of this time period is that we tend to get booked up fast. Especially between Fridays and Sundays.