Common questions about MLT Deliveries

  • Yes! You can order for today, for now! Just choose your desired delivery date and time on the cart page. Our order slots get booked fast so book yours asap!

  • Yes! There is no minimum order. You can even order a single garlic bread and we will deliver, baked on the go!

  • Depends. If we have back to back bookings, your pizza will be baked while we're driving to you such that it's ready just when we reaches you. If we're not booked back to back, your pizza can be baked in front of you. The team delivering your pizza will let you know what the scene is like.

  • Depends. If we're booked back to back, you will be delivered only your original order. If we're not booked back to back, you can add to your order if you wish. The team delivering your order will let you know what the scene is like.

  • Nope! A common pricing trick adopted by some is to keep the price of one or two high visibility items much lower than other items to given an illusion of low pricing. If you ignore this you will see our prices are very much in line with most mass brands, let alone premium brands. Because, we want this unique service to be affordable for as many pizza lovers as sustainable possible. See the pricing and judge for yourselves. PS: Most of our customers tell us they would happily pay us more.